Great Community Transport Inc. has proudly provided transport care to eligible Blue Mountains and Penrith residents for more than twenty eight years. This commitment has not changed in face of the Commonwealth and State Governments Reforms to aged and disability services.

Due to the current reforms, Transport for NSW has advised all community transport providers that the Commonwealth and State are moving towards a customer centred environment focused on delivering more capacity to an ageing population by lowering administrative expenses so that service offerings can expand. Underpinning this change, Transport for NSW is investing in new technologies and enablement projects to enhance providers’ capacity and performance to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. It is also assumed that these changes will lead to an increase in frontline service delivery, “more people in seats”, and a decrease in administration burden, “cutting red tape”.

GCT is examining the feasibility of a co-operative model with other like-minded community transport providers. This will allow GCT to remain sustainable and provide high quality service delivery whilst keeping its local community identity , profile and focus to ensure our clients get the same or improved service delivery into the future. Our clients deserve the best and this is what we will achieve together.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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