logosTransport for NSW will be introducing a new vehicle scheduling system (RouteMatch) from Tuesday 12th July 2016 in order to enable community transport organisations to provide you with a more efficient transport service.

There will be changes to the way our service operates and we will be trialling the new system over coming weeks.

Your driver will now travel with a tablet connected to the office by Wifi. Please be aware that the tablet is used at each stop to update information. For your safety the tablet has a motion sensor that will not allow the driver to activate it whilst moving. If the tablet receives an alert the driver will need to pull over to access it.

The tablet has a voice navigation system installed for route guidance.

To maximise the utilisation of our vehicles there will be changes to pick-up times. Your pick-up time will be given when YOU ring to confirm your booking the morning before you travel. If you do not confirm your booking, we may assume you are not travelling.

Please be ready 1/2 hour before your scheduled pick up time.

If you are not ready, and the schedule is tight, you may miss your transport that day.

During the initial implementation there may be some glitches and problems, please be understanding as we strive to implement a more efficient service.

If you have any questions please contact:
Great Community Transport
Lawson office: 4759 2403
Penrith office: 4722 3083

“Working together to create a better Community Transport Service”


One Response to “Times they are a Changing” – New Technology for Transport

  1. Braden Bills says:

    It’s interesting to see that the presence of technology can change transport. It seems like it would make things so much easier! Having voice navigation would be so convenient.

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