It is the policy of GCT to ensure that where there are frequent short notice client cancellations or where (several times) a client is not at home when a driver arrives to collect them for a scheduled trip, that a GCT staff member makes contact with the client to discuss this.

We do this to make the best use of our resources, to ensure safety of our clients and also to ensure that access to our service is fair and equitable for all clients.

Great Community Transport has developed this policy on responding to frequent or unreasonable short notice cancellations by clients to allow best use of our resources and balance the needs of all clients.

The policy will not be applied in a punitive way. No actions will be taken without first making contact with a client or their advocate to understand the circumstances and any personal or health issues involved. As with all decisions regarding access to services, clients have a right to a review of a decision made by Great Community Transport.

Policy document:

POL-3.17-Client-Cancellation-Non-Attendance (PDF 30KB)


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